These are the standard prices for our most common computer services.  Under special circumstances or bulk jobs, prices will be negotiated prior to the service.  Discounts are available for bulk jobs as well.  Several of our services can be done remotely, so you won’t even need to disconnect your computer.


OS services icon
OS Repair—$50
If you can power on your computer, but can’t boot it, you likely need your OS repaired.  We’ve got the tools to do it.  We also do fresh installs for the same price.1

File Recovery services icon
File Recovery—$45
Lost your files because your computer won’t boot?  As long as there isn’t significant physical damage to the drive, we can get them back.

Hardware services icon
Hardware Replacement—$50-65
If any part of your hardware needs to be replaced or upgraded, we’ll do it fast and cheap.  For desktops, it’s $50, and for $65 for laptops.  Even though it’s one of our more expensive services, it’s still over a hundred dollars cheaper than the competition.  You will be charged for the replacement hardware, but a printout of the order will be provided so you know you aren’t being charged extra.

avast icon
Antivirus Installation—$5-$10
For only $10, we’ll install avast! antivirus on your computer.  It’s one of the leading antivirus products, and the one recommended by Expresstek.  Installation is $5 if combined with another service, and $10 if alone.  If you want a subscription version, a credit card will be required for the purchase.  This can be done remotely, so you won’t have to unplug your computer.
malware services icon
Malware Removal—$35
Malware is one of the most common problems on computers.  We can remove all malware, whether it’s a virus, adware, trojan, ransomware, or any other form.  This can be done remotely, so you won’t have to unplug your computer.

computer setup icon
Computer Setup—$75
Setting up a computer can be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.  For $75 we’ll hook everything up, and set up your account.

 Accepted Payments


  1. The cost of a Windows license is not included for fresh installs.